Indigenous Network


Our Focus



The current need for more than 85,000 homes in Indigenous communities across Canada is expected to grow to 135,000 homes within the next five years.



A community's long-term social and economic success goes hand-in-hand with the development and implementation of modern infrastructure solutions.


We connect people with Indigenous communities and help identify opportunities for shared success with a focus on social and economic development.

  • In any modern entity, especially in Canada, when the Cree Cultural & Spiritual are carried in, there is no colonization, there is no oppression; it initially then becomes a “partnership, a unity, a restoration, a reconciliation, thus, a promising future. The Spirit of Kiamauga would be the Sweet Grass if it were a medicine.
    — Susan Kobliski, Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation
  • Working with Kiamauga Corporation and their strategic partners will benefit more than Atlantic RNG. Together and in collaboration we seek to eliminate 129,000 tons of CO2 in Nova Scotia.
    — Chris van den Huvel, President Atlantic RNG
  • Kiamauga has enriched our experiences working with, and building partnerships with Canada’s Indigenous communities.
    — Lawrence Bloom, Secretary General Be Earth Foundation | A United Nations Intergovernmental Organization
  • Kiamauga Corporation’s understanding and respect for the Indigenous community, especially the First Nations of Canada, is helping us build meaningful partnerships where our collective strengths are making a difference.
    — Greg Bowman, CEO of BE Group of Companies
  • Bayside Builders has been building neighborhoods, homes, dreams and relationships for over thirty years and now thanks to working with Kiamauga Corporation, we can reach across Canada bringing our experience to our Indigenous neighbors.
    — Peter Brown, President Bayside Builders
  • Kiamauga Corporation has helped us understand the challenges many Indigenous communities in Canada must endure, we are focused on solutions to these challenges”!
    — Nicholas Pilbrow, CFO of Be Earth Foundation and Be Group of Companies | London, England